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Vapors and Vows
Kabbalah describes the mystical source of the concept of vows.
The feminine aspect of the psyche is the drive within us to actualize G-d's purpose in Creation, making reality into His home. Left to itself, this drive would have us penetrate further and further into the darkness of materiality, endangering us to becoming sucked into it entirely.

Thus, "vows ensure asceticism" - it behooves us all to set boundaries for ourselves as we prepare to venture into the world of materiality in order to conquer it for G-d's purposes.
A Share of the Spoils
It takes different kinds of strength to distribute recaptured holiness.
Focusing on women other than one's wife is a misuse of the power of sight, and misusing one's G-d-given powers weakens them. By focusing one's love and sexuality intensely on one's spouse, which is the essence of Shabbat - the reunion of the Divine and earthly couple - one rectifies his power of eyesight and its power is restored.
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