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Pinchas Everlasting
bbalah teaches that truth is something of an eternal nature.
The Torah hints that Pinchas' father married one of the daughters of 'Putiel', alluding to Joseph who controlled his desire in his involvement with the wife of his master Potiphar (a similarly sounding name). Just as Joseph preserved the holy covenant with G‑d then, so too Pinchas, his maternal descendant, restored the holy covenant with G-d by taking G-d's revenge on Zimri.
Between Forgiveness and Gift
A priest who has killed is supposedly unfit to perform his priestly duties.
Pinchas could have acquired the priesthood either as an act of forgiveness or as a gift from G-d. In case of the former, we would understand that his deed prompted G-d to forgive him for having failed at the time to have himself anointed. If we see in his appointment now a gift from G-d, we view it as something entirely new.
It is much wiser to be an activist than to be a critic.
When Israel sinned, impurity spread out in the world, and therefore Moses and Aaron cried at the opening of the Tent of Meeting. But Pinchas saw that crying was not repairing the blemish so he "took a spear in his hand" to do a deed with his hand, just as those who carried out the misdeeds actual use their hands to carry them out.
Flying Letters of Life and Death
By meting out justice on earth, Pinchas aroused heavenly mercy.
The Zohar comments on the lance which Pinchas used to slay Zimri and describes Pinchas as "garbing" himself with this lance in order to mete out justice here on earth so that mercy could be invoked in the parallel regions of Heaven.
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