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Read Your Stars Lately?
The power of Torah study casts one above the zodiac.
In parashat Pinchas, the Zohar dwells on issues of reincarnation and Astrology. "Mazal " is the Hebrew word for the stars and constellations as well as the modern word for "luck". The letter hei is connected to change of mazal and fertility as well as representing the sefira of malchut that contains all the abundance from the higher sefirot and brings their influence into reality.
Three Who Cause Harm to Themselves
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 246a
There are three who cause harm to themselves: one who curses himself, one who throws bread, or breadcrumbs, onto the ground, and one who kindles a candle towards the end of the Shabbat, before the congregation has recited the "U'va L'Tzion" prayer [on Saturday night], because he causes the fire of Purgatory to be kindled before its time.
Repairing the House
The Zohar teaches that proper rectification of the soul occurs step by step.
Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron, were burned when making the incense offering in a zealous yet inappropriate way. Their souls were not at peace until Pinchas slew Zimri and Cozbi in a zealous yet appropriate way.

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