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THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

Cruising the King's Highway
Redemption, both national and personal, is characterized by innovation.
The route of one's spiritual journey is not one that we choose ourselves. Rather it must be on the King's Highway, the path that leads us the capitol of the King - and eventually to the King's palace, to meet the King Himself and to become one with Him.
Jewish Leadership
Moses and Balak typify Jewish and non-Jewish leadership, respectively.
G-d commanded the Jews not to war with the people of Moab, and Balak wrongly assumed that this was because they avoided war, as befitting Jacob's descendents. Therefore, Balak was not afraid - until he saw the Jews' miraculous victory.
Even great blessings can emerge from impure places.
Balak represents the transformation of darkness to light - the metamorphosis of the idolatrous kingdom of Moab to the sacred kingdom of David and Mashiach. Just as Balak was transformed from evil to good, darkness to light, we too are reminded that if we make the effort, every obstacle can be overcome and the light revealed.
The Secret to Immortality
As long as there is a "self" -- a sense of your own being -- then you are measurable and countable.
As long as there is a "self" -- a sense of your own being -- then you are measurable and countable. But if you free yourself of your own boundaries and feel like "dust", not through self-annihilation and lack of self-awareness, but because you feel that your self is just an expression of a higher entity -- than you no longer can truly be counted. To count you, to measure you, to define you in any way would need to include that which you are a channel of. Being that you are channel of the eternal and infinite Divine, then you are as uncountable as Eternity itself.
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