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THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

All for One
All for One
Every created being has a unique reason for being.
We live in a society that strives to create equality. Korach's rebellion against Moses and Aaron had a similar focus. But Jewish tradition states that Korach's platform of unity became the opposite, the prototype for the worst possible division.
Equality: Actions and Intentions
A true Jewish leader's intentions are only to serve the nation.
While most of the portion is about the disastrous results of the rebellion, we are nevertheless touched by how tenacious and strong-willed Korach was to accomplish his goal and not give up on his dream. His desire to be the high priest is in itself something positive.
Presuming Positions
A person has the potential to elevate his soul to incomparably higher levels.
Everyone agrees that Korach had great talents. Nevertheless, leadership is determined by Heaven. Rebbe Bunim of Peshischa writes that Korach's terrible mistake was in trying to forcefully seize the leadership and its glory, which only lead to his downfall.
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