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Holy Head-Count
Higher consciousness is greatly valued by the Jewish People
"…in the Sinai desert in the Tent of Meeting…take a census of the Assembly of the Children of Israel

The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches that the desert is a metaphor for our upward striving toward G-dliness, while the Tent of Meeting alludes to the downward flow of G-dliness into our lives. Our relationship with G-d must incorporate both of these opposing yet complimentary dynamics, the ascent of prayer and the descent of learning Torah and performing the commandments.
Holy of Holies
The power of loving-kindness mitigates the severity of others’ negativity.
It often happens that when we strive to reach our potential in spiritual matters, we encounter various forces of opposition. Sometimes these are other people’s ridicule and hostility; sometimes there are inner voices of doubt.

The Torah teaches us that the proper response to these challenges is not to battle them, but rather to confront them with the power of loving-kindness.
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