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Counting One-By-One
If we have to know how many men there are, it's not necessary to count each and every one of them.
The land of Israel unites the Jewish people. However, not every Jew deserves to live in it. The Torah insists on counting every individual when the census was done in order to determine if he was refined and spiritually-oriented enough to live there.
Heads and Skulls
Heads and Skulls
Moses' task was to connect Jewish souls to their essence.
The verse mandating the nation's census says lit.: "Raise the heads of the Jewish people to their skulls..."

G-d commands Moses to take the soul's lower desire - born of the soul's head and brain, and clothed in human consciousness - and elevate it to its source and root: the soul's essence which hovers above, transcendent, a level at which the essence of G-d is fully revealed.
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