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Counting On the Rebound
Kabbalah explains the connection between feminine power and the tribe of Levi
Kabbala explains that love and fear of G-d are the two "wings" with which a person's service to G-d takes flight. If a person perform all the Torah's commandments perfunctorily, not out of love and fear of G-d, he is doing G-d's will, and he will affect the world and receive his due reward for this; however, his service does not connect him consciously to G-d, for G-d desires that we serve Him enthusiastically as well.
The Naphtali Census
With regard to all the other tribes except Naphtali, the expression "for the sons of" is used.
We see from the census of the Jewish people that the Arizal did not only focus on the esoteric dimension of the Torah; he also occasionally explained the basic, contextual meaning (peshat) of Scripture. He notes that with regard, to the last tribe counted, Naphtali, it says only "the sons of" and not "for," as with all the other tribes.
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