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The Source of All Blessing
When worthy, Israel draws the dew of blessing to the world
Modern day science looks at the externality of this world and explains how it works. However, it doesn't answer why the world is as it is. Being aware of the spiritual makeup of the world means becoming aware of the glory of the Creator as reflected in His works and enables us to draw down blessing from within the worlds of Atzilut and Beriya.
Blessing from the Heart
Kabbalah teaches that one must have the proper intentions when giving a blessing.
"And you shall love the Lord your G-d with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might."

This week's Zohar commentary advises us about the nature and manner of giving blessings to others. If a person praises his friend and doesn't confirm that the praise is for a blessing, then that person is ensnared (to his harm) in the spiritual realms first. However, if he blesses him, then he himself is blessed from above. Furthermore he should bless with a good eye and not with a bad (i.e. jealous) eye.
Rooted in the Supernal Image
The Zohar teaches that the likeness of the spiritual worlds was reflected in Adam's soul.
G-d created man and his spiritual light shone from the highest to the lowest worlds. But Adam sinned and his two sons, as well. When Jacob's descendants received the Torah at Mount Sinai and erected the Tabernacle, the world was finally established, and all the worlds, physical and spiritual, were completed and in harmony again.

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