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THEMES of Featured Contemporary Kabbalists Articles

The Bread of Divine Service
Bread is a metaphor for the Torah.
"When I break for you the staff of bread..."

Bread is a metaphor for the Torah. Just as bread nourishes the body, the Torah nourishes the soul. Thus, this verse refers to the breaking of the tablets, which caused the Torah to descend and become garbed in a physical context.
Blessings Within a Curse
Chassidut teaches that sometimes the most sublime gifts are presented in a hidden way.
Whenever a blessing is bestowed by heaven, it must first pass through the heavenly court, where the prospective recipient is judged as to whether or not he is worthy of the blessing. When the blessing is "disguised" as a curse, however, it "bypasses" the forces of strict judgment and can make its way straight to its recipient.
Holy Exchanges
Holy Exchanges
The deeper meaning of the laws of tithes reflects our mission in life.
" he does exchange it, both it and its exchange shall be holy….":

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that mystically, exchanging one animal for another refers to changing the mundane into holiness. With regard to one's fellow human being, this means bringing someone who is estranged from his soul back to it, revealing to him his connection to G-d.
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