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Good Times with G─d
The Zohar says that, according to the standard plan, certain times are more favorable than others.
Rabbi Aba explains in the Zohar that there are particular times that are not favorable and blessing is not waiting to be drawn down. At those times, harsh judgment is in the world. Therefore, Aaron is told not to come at every time into the precinct of the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle but only at favorable times.
Death of the Body, Not of the Soul
Sages teach in the Zohar that the souls of two of Aaron's sons suffered only a bodily death.
"The sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, each took his fire pan, put fire in them and placed incense upon it…A fire came forth from before G-d and consumed them, and they died before G-d."

They did not sin as such, and therefore their souls survived. They were, however, incomplete in terms of their bodies, since they had not married. Therefore, their souls were incorporated and impregnated into the soul of only one person - Pinchas in the secret of ibbur.
Atonement ON You
Based on Zohar Vayikra 69b
How lucky are Israel that G-d craves them and wishes to purify them so that they will have no demerits, in order that they be members of His chamber and dwell within.

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