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Extreme Incense Offering
Only a unique and spontaneous act was capable of truly uniting the world with the Divine.
The deaths of Nadab and Abihu, seems to be a tragic blunder in the midst of one of the holiest moments of history - a rash sin and a swift punishment.

However, Moses exclaims that those two were higher spiritually than he and Aaron were; their deed brought about the complete sanctification of the Tabernacle which was not able to be achieved by their elders.
The Bird of Divine Providence
Nature has the ability to reveal the Divine within the concealed realms.
This week's Torah reading includes the prohibition of eating a species of bird called a fish owl, which a classic Talmudic commentary states is particularly known for catching fish who "deserve punishment". Thus, Chasidism teaches that everything, even minute details of the workings of nature, are supervised by Divine Providence.
Detached for Human Use
The holier the person or setting, the greater the effort the negative forces exert to corrupt them.
In the imagery of Kabbalah, the forces of evil subsist on a very meager amount of Divine life force; they therefore persistently seek to siphon off Divine energy from holiness by dragging people into sin; the holier the person or setting, the greater the effort these forces exert to corrupt them.
The Carnivorous and the Kind
Signs of kosher animals teach us about serving G-d.
The two signs of kosher animals signify peaceful traits worth emulating. Rumination addresses the inner life of one's heart and mind. Split hooves parallel man's physical actions. To create a complete human, both of these aspects - the theoretical and the practical - must be kosher.
Within and Beyond Intellect
Even while fulfilling logical Mitzvahs, we should simply fulfilli them as a statute from G-d.
Fulfilling Mitzvahs because they are the commands of G‑d connects us to the Creator. Just as He commands us because He wants to bestow goodness upon us, so too must we give Him pleasure and fulfill His Mitzvahs and this will bind us to Him.
Permitting the Pig
In the Time to Come, G-d will announce: "Anyone who didn’t eat pig’s flesh may come and collect his reward."
The pig is of a similar nature to the tree from which Adam ate; both contain revealed good and its evil is hidden. In the Future, after the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will be rectified, the pig will likewise be rectified and will become completely permitted.
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