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An Intelligent Diet
Eating non-kosher food prevents one from learning and understanding the Torah.
Our service to G-d, through mitzvot and learning Torah, produce spiritual delight and pleasure for G-d and empowers Him. Thus G-d eats and is satisfied; we have been His "provider"! G-d in return showers us with divine bounty.
Worshipping in Oneness
One should constantly imagine that everything in the world is filled with the Creator.
One should constantly imagine that everything in the world is filled with the Creator. Even the outcome of our plans and intentions are from G-d. The most insignificant acts are under His direction.
Crime of Passion
Whether the soul’s fire will be a constructive or destructive force is dependent on the person’s motivation.
When the holy Sanctuary was completed, Aaron’s two elder sons, deeply spiritual individuals, were drawn to enter the holiest sanctum on earth to bask in the ecstasy of the Temple’s pure spirit. But they erred in allowing their self-indulgent spiritual passion override their primary task to transform the world and therefore were consumed by its fire.
The Leviathan and the Wild Bull
Meat and fish are on the menu at the feast of Redemption
The Midrash on our this week's Torah portion describes a match that will take place in the Messianic era between the Leviathan (an enormous fish) - representing our efforts to "attach" ourselves to G-d, and the Wild Bull - representing the elevation of the physical world.
The Kabbalah of Kosher Fish
G-d wants you to be good, but he also wants you to shine.
If you teach your children to approach life with truth and honesty, with an unyielding commitment to morality and decency, this child will certainly succeed and develop "fins" with which to advance in their learning and their achievements to make the world a more beautiful place.
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