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Special Treatment
G-d deals with those closest to him in a manner different from others.
The sons of Aaron entered the sanctuary with the intention of serving G-d and were killed, whereas Titus entered the inner part of the sanctuary yet emerged unharmed. Thus we see that on occasion G-d suppresses His wrath, when the sinner is one not close to Him.
The Scent of Severity
All offerings must be directed towards G-d attribute of loving-kindness.
"They put fire in them and placed incense upon it."

The word for "upon it": "aleyha", alludes to the attribute of Judgment. All offerings, including incense, must be offered to no other attribute of G-d than that of the name Havayah. Nadab and Abihu erred in this, and the very attribute of Judgment to whom they addressed their offering smote them.
Holy of Holies of the Human Soul
Kabbalah teaches that each of us can reveal G-d in the world, as did the Tabernacle.
Man is the ultimate purpose of the universe, a combination of terrestrial and celestial elements and a link between them. When G‑d said "I will dwell amongst them", He meant inside their essence, something more essential than the mere interior of the Tabernacle.
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