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Good Enough to Eat
Kabbalah explains that a food must be rectifiable in order to be considered kosher.
The Ari explains how each kind of animal is rooted in the divine emanations of the spiritual worlds, the sefirot. For example: fish are sourced in chesed, kosher locusts in gevura, fowl in yesod, and cattle in malchut.
Kosher Creatures and Kabbala
Jewish mysticism explains the spiritual origin of species
Beasts and cattle are considered a lower level of life than fowl and locusts. In order for their life force to be properly assimilated, it must undergo the additional rectification process of ritual slaughter.
The Real Jewish Blood Rites
Part 1
Consumption of the animal's flesh by a Jew is an intensely spiritual act, and its spiritualization depends a great deal on the purity of thought and intentions of the shochet.

Therefore a ritual slaughterer should ideally be of exemplary character, a Torah scholar, pious, and G‑d-fearing - in addition to being well-versed in the laws of ritual slaughter and expert in their performance.
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