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Of Wine and Apples
Uplifting spirits and the Divine Presence in exile
The Zohar addresses the exile of the Divine Presence, a fall from the level of consciousness of unity with the Divine. This consciousness can be retrieved even in the state of exile by those "children" of the Divine Presence who, through meditative unifications, cause an influx of divine light into the sefira of malchut and reconnect Her with Her source in the sefira of bina.
Spiritual Sources of Physical Food
Based on Zohar Vayikra 41B
Israel, who is made in G-d's image, should not defile their souls by eating from animals which originate from the Other Side. Therefore, G-d records for Israel all those animals which come from the side of holiness which may be eaten and those which come from the Other Side which are prohibited for them to eat.
Delight Below, Delight Above
The Zohar teaches that one's behavior affects the cosmic realities in the spiritual worlds.
The Zohar teaches that every action in this world causes a similar reaction in the higher spiritual realities; as priests, upon whom such immense responsibility lies for drawing down spiritual sustenance, the blemish of torn clothes, unkempt hair, and mournful manner would render inoperative their ability to manifest G-d's benevolence for the world.
The Delicate Heart
"You Jews do not eat of an animal found dead nor one not ritually slaughtered... yet you are all ill and broken more than all other peoples."
"Israel does not partake of animals not ritually slaughtered, nor of filth and dirt of reptiles and insects as do other peoples, for they are like the heart, which is soft and weak and yet is the king and the sustenance of the other limbs..."

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