"All those who were generous of heart brought bracelets, nose-rings, finger-rings, and chastity belts " (Ex. 35:22)

Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra translates this list of items slightly differently, as "earrings, nose-rings, finger-rings, and bracelets."

Allegorically, this list of items (according to this translation) that the women donated toward the construction of the Tabernacle alludes to the four ingredients of proper child-rearing that all parents must contribute in their efforts to raise Jewish children who will transform the world into G‑d's home:

Earrings: Parents must hearken to the Torah's instructions as well of those of their generation's Torah sages in all aspects of educating their children. Also, they must listen carefully to their children's conversations with their peers and among themselves, for children learn how to talk from their elder's example; if something is amiss in how they speak, it means something is amiss in how their role-models speak.

Nose-rings: Parents must develop a keen sense of "smell" to determine if their children's friendships with other children are beneficial.

Parents must point their children to the proper path.

Finger-rings: Parents must point their children to the proper path, by explaining to them gently and convincingly how worthwhile it is to adhere to the Torah's teachings and how detrimental it is to follow improper paths.

Bracelets: At the same time, parents must be strong-armed and strict. Even if the children are well-behaved, the parents must be strict with them in order to foster their enthusiasm for their studies.

Adapted from Likutei Dibburim vol. 3 – English edition: vol V, pp. 235-236
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