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Preparations and Revelations
Through their generosity, Jewish People infused the Tabernacle with unique holiness.
Revelation from above is not limited by the capacity of the recipients. However, the recipients have no way of retaining the revelation they receive, since they weren't prepared, and its effects can be transitory.

Thus, when G-d gave the Torah at Mount Sinai, the Jewish people achieved the exalted spiritual level of Adam before his sin, yet sinned with the Golden Calf a mere forty days later.
Silver Soul
Jewish mysticism teaches the powerful connection between opposing elements.
The Torah proscribes that every adult Jewish male contribute a half-shekel to the Tabernacle as an expression of Jewish unity - everyone, rich and poor, gave the same amount; unity is achieved when we all recognize that we are only halves.
Sinners and Spice
The incense symbolized the intrinsic connection that exists between G-d and the Jewish people.
Any fast Jews undertake for the sake of atonement without including the sinners amongst them does not have any effect. This is evidenced by the fact that the galbanum is among the spices that compose the incense offering, despite its foul odor.
Take Two Tablets and Call Me…
Each of Moses' ascents onto Mt. Sinai brought him to new personal heights
During Moses' first sojourn in the heavens when receiving the first tablets, his 40-day-fast was a miracle; he remained human and yet existed without food or drink. In contrast, Moses' 2nd sojourn was a time of divine displeasure, yet he was so entranced by the study of Torah that he was oblivious to his bodily needs.

When Moses received the Second Tablets it was a time of divine good will. As they were less miraculous than the first, similarly, Moses' fast then was also less miraculous; he acclimated to the heavenly climate and did not need food - during this sojourn, he was an angel.
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