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The Snake at the Sea's End
Kabbalah teaches that Pharoah represents a misplacement of divine consciousness.
The Ari teaches that Pharaoh's constricted consciousness was only related to the spiritual nature of the name Elokim. Of the name Havayah, which signifies expanded, mature consciousness, he knew nothing.
Not through the Land of the Philistines
End of the Path: Part 1
"And it was, when Pharaoh sent away the people..."

The word for "and it was/vayehi", is understood by the Sages to presage trouble. The term "the people" instead of the more usual "Benei Yisrael" it is often understood to refer to the Mixed Multitude of gentiles that were moved to convert by the miracles they saw performed for the Jews rather than by sincere devotion to G-d.
Joseph's Bones
Joseph converted a number of souls in Egypt and therefore circumcised them. These were the "mixed multitude" that left with the Jewish people.
During the years of famine, Joseph told the Egyptians that he would distribute food to them only if they circumcised themselves. Joseph thus converted a number of souls. These were the "mixed multitude" that left Egypt with the Jewish people.
Conversation with a Soul
In Paradise you will eat the bread of the Torah that you studied while you were in that world
The Ari discusses how the powers of the evil inclination set out to chase the soul in order to harm it when the soul leaves the body. This is because the evil inclination is also the accusing angel. After taking the soul from the body, it pursues it in order to harm it and take vengeance on it.
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