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Land and Sea
The splitting of the Red Sea is among the greatest revelations ever.
The parting of the physical waters of the sea was a reflection of the parting of the walls that conceal and obscure the inner dimensions of the lights of malchut and keter. For a short period of time, the order of nature - where that which is hidden cannot be revealed - was shattered, and the hidden worlds were apparent to every soul.
Sea Bargain
If it was pre-ordained, why do we believe that the splitting of the sea was such a great thing?
G•d's Name 'Elokim' has the same numerical value as hatevah, meaning Nature, for nature is also created by G•d. Thus, when G•d first created the sea, he built into its nature the condition that it split before the Children of Israel at the time that they required this miracle. This nature of the sea was created for the sake of Israel.
Consuming Beauty
To understand Shabbat, it must be experienced
The sweetness and beauty of Shabbat is so delicious that it can only be experienced by biting into it and savoring its taste - by having a sensory-filled spiritual experience.
Three Levels of Leadership
"One of the first things we Jews did together as a people was sing."
The most important (and probably the most overlooked) function of the leader is to knit diverse individuals into a single people. Rabbi Nechemiah opins that if the people were truly one with their leader and his articulation of the quintessence of Israel, each would independently conceive and articulate the very same experience of the historic moment in which they stood.
In the Dead of Night
Day and night represent two different aspects of serving G‑d.
Shem miShmuel teaches that day and night represent two different aspects of serving G‑d. The day stands for a clear understanding of what we have to do. But, there are times in life when we are stumbling to find our way through the darkness.Then we have to proceed on faith alone, knowing that G‑d is guarding us from going astray. This kind of spiritual service is called "night."
Not by Way of the Philistines
When the four-letter Name comes first, the forces of Loving-kindness prevail; if not, forgetfulness rules.
A person who commits adultery arouses in the [upper] world the aspect of love. Only in the world below do his sins have a bad effect. But when he repents, his deeds have a positive effect, and he repairs everything, for he uplifts the [lower] levels to bina, which is E-kiyeh.
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