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THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

Coming Closer to Redemption
We should be sure to utilize every physical thing we come into contact with in this world
The Kotzker Rebbe explains why it says, "Come to Pharaoh" instead of: "Go to Pharaoh" for concerning G-d, the word "come" is appropriate while the word "go" (which implies leaving) is not, as "the entire world is filled with His glory".
This Month's for You!
For the Tabernacle, we were encouraged contribute to our heart's desire.
"This month is for you" refers to Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the first of the months, and is read at that time every year to remind the Jews to prepare for traveling to the Temple in Jerusalem for Passover.
Great Steps for Mankind
Why was the sanctification of the moon the first commandment to the Jewish Nation?
Every time we use something physical in the performance of a commandment, we draw divine energy upon our body, soul, and on the physical object itself, making a dwelling place for G-d in this plane.

By our fulfilling the commandment of sanctifying the arrival of the new lunar month, we draw down divine energy on the entire construct of time.
A holy light protects us as we prepare to exit the exile.
This week's Torah portion speaks a lot about the miracles G-d did for our forefathers. Telling (and believing) miracle stories about how G-d and His agents helps us draws down the source of the miracles into this world to cause even more miracles to happen.
Never too Far Gone to Return
Pharaoh could have changed his ways - and so can we.
During the earlier plagues, Pharaoh had free choice to release the Jewish people. Since he acted defiantly against G-d, his free choice was taken away and he was not assisted to repent. Nevertheless, if evil Pharaoh had truly fought it, even he was still capable of returning to G-d and to have saved himself and his people from the remaining plagues.
Why was Pharaoh Punished?
Wasn’t it G-d who “Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart”?
After Pharaoh had sinned in the most appalling manner, G‑d stripped him of his free choice. Although normally, the path of repentance is always open; Pharaoh sinned so severely that he was denied the ability to correct it through repentance. This is the ultimate punishment, since the person is denied any ultimate reward of the World to Come.
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