Later, as a result of the Chanukah miracle, it reincarnated into Mattathias the Hashmonite, who was actually the High Priest and the King, thus meriting two parts of the Firstborn right.

Here is hinted to the secret of Chanukah. It is the last holiday in history before the coming of Mashiach, who will unite the three heads. As the stepping-stone to this, Chanukah unites two of them.

Hellenism sought to replace the Torah.

The Greeks were not primarily interested in destroying the Jewish body - they were after the soul. Their attack was from chochmah. (Ner Mitzvah, by the Maharal) Hellenism sought to replace the Torah. In order to controvert this, a shining of the step above chochmah was necessary. At the time, the people had great mesirot nefesh [self-sacrifice] to keep the Torah. This warranted the transcendental keter revelation and brought two of its aspects together,1 paving the way for the three that will combine forces in the final redemption.

Then it reincarnated into Akavia ben Mehalelel, as already taught. Cain is hinted to in the secret of the aikev [heel] of Esau, and therefore his name was Akavia. Moreover, since Akavia was also a tikun for the level of Mehalel ben Keinan,2 he was called Akavia ben Mehalelel.

This links with the above. As mentioned, through malchut the upper levels of keter are bound and manifest. Malchut is at the end of the sefirot - and is so the heel. Akavia is from the heel of the Cain shoulder. The Left Shoulder: Root of Cain Those who stand at the end/heel and elevate it merit to hit the jackpot and scale all the way up to the top - keter.

The greatest honor of G‑d is the singing of His praise from this lowest of realms.

‘Mehalel’ means one who makes praise. ‘Mehalelel’ is mehalel-E - L - one who makes praise to the Lord. ‘Hallel’ [praise] equals 65, which equals ADNY, the name of malchut (Zohar, Eitz Chaim ) " And I shall get My praise from pieces of material, from lumps of dust. " (Hagiga) The greatest honor of G‑d is the singing of His praise from this lowest of realms. (Likutei Moharan) This affords the soul keter-connection.3

Cain spoke as if somewhat brazenly to on High.4 "Mehelel the son of Kainan;" Mehalel’s praise fixed it. "KYNN/Kainin" is ‘KYN-N/Cain-N’. By Akavia’s uplifting the heel aspects, he took Mehalel a step further into manifestation of Divinity. This is the mehalel-EL. This fixed the Cain root all the more until it paved the path for Rabbi Akiva to ascend to the very foundations of existence. For the first thought was that creation should be run by din. Even though G‑d saw that the world could not so endure and He paired mercy with it, it remains the ideal. Moreover, Mashiach will lift the whole world to this mode. Rabbi Akiva was extraordinary in that not only did he accomplish this for himself, he also opened the door for Mashiach to eventually do this for the world.

Akavia ben Mehalelel did this. Rabbi Akiva accepted upon himself tremendous din with great joy.5 He built upon Akavia’s achievements and brought the realization of how to praise G‑d for difficulties to the world.

From there, it reincarnated into Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai. Thus, at the time of his death he announced, "Prepare a throne for Hezekiah, King of Judah, who has come to accompany me," (Brachot 28b) since he was a reincarnation of his soul-root. He also merited taking the crown of Priesthood of Cain the Firstborn.

Each person sees all the members of his soul family at the time of death. (Sichot Haran) If one merits, the major hitters that share a mutual root actually come to escort his soul to paradise.

Rabban Yochanan is unique in that he learned from both Hillel and Shammai. (Avot 2:8) Binding together these two opposite approaches elicited a shining of the source of opposites - keter manifestation in him. He so fits into this chain of progressive keter revelation.

After this, it reincarnated into Akiva ben Yosef, whose name also alludes to the aikev of Esau, as in the case of Akavia. With this you can appreciate what is written in Mesechet Rut of the Zohar - "Issachar, he is Rabbi Akiva", (Zohar Chadash 89) as we will explain.6 Issachar is also from the root of Cain.

Gen."First in thought, last in deed." The Akiva/aikev-heel aspect is last in deed. Through it specifically comes manifest first in thought. This is the secret of what it says by Rabbi Akiva, "Silent - so arose in (the original) thought (of creation)". (See The Left Shoulder: Root of Cain)

Rabbi Akiva...captured the stray, high-powered Esau-energy and transformed it into kedusha.

Esau’ comes from ‘asui’ [done]. His doctrine is that things are finished and fine the way they are: "Man is born a mule" and there is no need for him to work on himself to supersede his materialistic nature.7 "And his [Jacob’s] hand held the heel of Esau." (Gen. 25:26) As mentioned, ‘Akiva’ comes from ‘Jacob’. (See The Left Shoulder: Root of Cain) Rabbi Akiva came from converts. (Brachot) He captured the stray, high-powered Esau-energy and transformed it into kedusha.

"Aikev [the heel] of humility is fear of G‑d."8 (Prov. 22:4) As explained, Esau the firstborn, who is from Cain the firstborn, included in himself the choice super-lights of the world of Tohu. When he did not use them for good, Jacob took them away. He was able to do this through his great degree of fearing God. This is the secret of Jacob taking the firstborn right away from Esau. This came to manifestation especially in Rabbi Akiva, who was also extremely G‑d-fearing. He also was fitting for the Torah to be given through him. (Menachot) Even after this honor was given to Moses, Rabbi Akiva is the great pillar upon which stands the Torah of generations after him. By raising up the lowest levels,9 he ricocheted up to keter and drew to the universe its special intense light.

Then it came as an ibur into two Geonim10 whose names were Rav AChAY/Achai and Rav AChA/Acha Shivcha Gaon, to rectify them. For they were from the root of the Nefesh of King Ahab, and through them the three letters AChA of AChAB/Achav were rectified, by way of ibur. However, the B of Ahab was rectified through Rabbi Avraham Galid, as is known from the order of reincarnations of the root of the Nefesh of King Ahab.11

The whole soul is included in its name. (Sichot HaRan) This also includes its actions - for good or otherwise. As the soul is fixed, its letters gain repair. Sometimes the rectification process is divided up and different letters are fixed through different individuals in various lifetimes.

Ahab was one of the wickedest kings. Some say that he has no portion in the world-to-come. He was actually an intense soul of the Cain root that went the wrong way and so was very bad. He worshipped idols and led a whole nation astray after them. He also committed great offences of promiscuity. And it was all to as if anger His Creator. (Sanhedrin) It took specifically an intense positive energy from this source to fix it: Precisely the Nadab/Abihu root. They died to consecrate the Mishkan [Sanctuary], the place where the entire people directly worshipped one God - the place that most nullifies idolatry.12 They were extremely ascetic and never married,13 to fix Achav’s crimes in this area. They served God with tremendous love and fear - the opposite of rebellion.

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]