The other [Rabbi, meaning Rabbi Hiyya] opened [the discussion] and said, "The lip of truth shall be established forever; but a lying tongue is but for a moment". (Proverbs 12:19) Come and see: if all the inhabitants of the world always worshiped falsehood [of trees and stone], then it would be so. But this light and illumination [that some worship] is certainly true [that they indeed have supernal powers] and the stars that are in the heights of the firmament are also true. And if in their foolishness and lack of understanding, they say and call them 'god', He does not wish to destroy His creations from the world [on account of their foolishness]. And also, in the time to come, the stars and luminaries will not perish from the universe. But who will perish? Those that worship them.

And this verse: "The lip of truth shall be established forever," refers to the children of Israel, who are the lip of truth [proclaiming], "The L-rd our G‑d, The L-rd is One" (Deut. 6:4). And it is all true and the secret of truth. And they end, The L-rd your G‑d is true.' And hence "the lip of truth shall be established forever."

[What is the meaning of] 'v'ad argi'a'? [If the verse meant to say 'but for a moment'] it should say 'v'ad rega'. Why [does the verse say] argi'a' [meaning "I will be calm"]? But [the Shechinah asks:] 'Until when will they will exist in the world, until the time to come, when will I have respite from their difficult worship [of the kelipot]?' And at the time that I will be calm [after Moshiach's coming], the false tongue will perish - meaning those who call 'god' that which is not G‑d. But of the children of Israel, who are the lip of truth, it is written: "This people which I have formed for Myself, that they might say My praise". (Isaiah 43:21)

I remember one time when I was traveling with Rabbi Elazar, he met a general. He said to Rabbi Elazar: Do you know the Torah of the Jews? He said to him: I know. He said to him: Do you not say that your faith is true and your Torah is true but our faith is false and our bible is false? But it is written, "The lip of truth shall be established forever, and a lying tongue is but for a moment"? (Proverbs 12:19) We have existed from time immemorial, and our kingdom has never left us, generation after generation. Hence, assuredly it is "established forever." But as for you, for a short period you had a kingdom and immediately it was removed from you. Thus, the passage has been fulfilled by you, saying: "And a lying tongue is but for a moment."

He said to him: I see that you are a scholar in Torah. May that man [who speaks thus] breathe his last. Had it said, "The lip of truth was established forever," then it would be as you said. But it is written, 'shall be established forever', that the true lip will be established in the future, but not now. For now the lip of falsehood endures, and the lip of truth lies in the dust. And when truth will stand firm and sprout from the ground then, "the lip of truth shall be established forever."

That General said to him: You are right. Worthy are you and worthy are the people of the Torah, who inherited the truth. After some time we heard that he converted to Judaism. They went on, reached a certain field, and recited their prayers. After they prayed, they said: From now on let us join the Shechinah, and walk and be occupied with Torah.

BeRahamim LeHayyim: What the nature of truth is has been debated, is being debated, and will be debated until the Mashiach comes — may it be soon in our days — and then reveals to us REALITY. Truth is tricky, (as we see in the Spies fiasco — They told the truth, right?) And as we hear time and time again as one relates to us scandalous remark — "it's true, so what's wrong with that?" All we can rely on is a the truth of the Torah — TORAT EMET.

What does the above mean to you, and why is it revealed to you now?

[Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries]