We have already mentioned that as a result of the sin of Cain and Abel, the souls became mixed into the kelipot and that this is called, 'the mixture of good and evil'. From that time onward, the souls have been undergoing a process of birur from within the kelipot, just as silver is smelted from the dregs.

This process will continue until all the souls that fell into the 248 limbs of 'Adam HaBliya'al'1 ['the despicable man'] are separated out from the full length of its being, which is until the bottom of 'Adam d’Kedusha' ['the man of holiness'] which overlaps with the legs of Adam d’Kelipa 2 ['the man of the husks']. This is hinted to in the Zohar. (Pekudei) Until the "feet [of the sitra achra are elevated to] reach the [level of the] feet [of kedusha]", as it is written, "On that day, his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives..." (Zachariah 14:4).

The souls fell all the way down to the feet of the sitra achra. When they are all purified, elevated, and extracted from the kelipot., the 'feet' of the sitra achra will stand 'head and shoulders with the side of kedusha.

This happens through the concept of 'olives', which kabala associates with wisdom, the source power that lifts up the sparks. "They are all elevated through wisdom,"(Zohar) through the elevating 'mountain' energy, as we find that the Torah was given specifically on a mountain (Midrash).

Once the separation of all the souls has been completed, Adam d’kelipa, the spiritual dregs which is only removed through [good] deeds, will collapse on its own and be absorbed to the point of "bal yira’eh" ["not to be seen"] and "bal yimatzeh" ["not to be found"].

These terms refer to the Pesach law of ridding oneself completely of all leavening which causes the dough to rise and is attributed to represent the rising of the ego, the root dynamic of the sitra achra (Tanya). It must be eradicated to the point of "not being seen" and "not being found" within the heart. This vanquishes the kelipot from the world.

For holiness is the life [energy] that results from separating from spiritual impurity which is called death.

Therefore, they will no longer have any life and will disappear like smoke, as it says, "Bila hamaves lanetsach [Death will be swallowed forever]" (Isaiah 25:8). But this will not be until all of the souls are separated out. The first letters of each word, combined together spell HBL – Hevel, Abel's Hebrew name. Abel is Moses, who reincarnates into every generation to separate out the souls from amongst the spiritual dregs. The acronym alludes to the fact that only when all of his incarnations are complete will the Mashiach come and death be swallowed forever.

Now you can understand the meaning of, "Behold, you shall die with your fathers, and this people will rise up" (Deut. 31:16), which is considered one of the verses that has no apparent clarity as to which way to be interpreted. (Yoma 56a)

However, it can be explained with the words "rise up" referring to that which comes before and after them, and really both explanations are true.

The way the words "rise up" appear in the verse they can either refer to Moses, who will lay down with his fathers and once again rise up, or to the people who will rise up after he has died. This is why the Talmud has difficulty interpreting this verse definitively. The Ari shows how both interpretations are intended and true.

For in the future Moses himself will reincarnate and return to the last generation. As it says, "you will die with your fathers and rise up". However, in the final generation, the "generation of the desert" will also reincarnate with the Mixed Multitude. And this is also said by the verse, "this people will rise up." Hence, there is not a single generation in which Moses does not return. In the secret meaning of, "The sun [i.e. the shining of the soul] rises [i.e. is born] and the sun sets [i.e. dies]" (Eccl. 1:5) and, "A generation goes and another [i.e. however the same souls] comes [back]" (Eccl. 1:4) - in order to rectify that generation.

Thus, the generation of the desert along with the Mixed Multitude reincarnate in the final generation, [hinted to by] "as in the days of leaving Egypt" (Michah 7:15). Moses as well will arise among them, since they are all from the secret of da’at: Moses, generation of the desert, and the Mixed Multitude, as we explained in [our commentary on the Torah portion] Shemot.3

This is why the verse concludes, "to where they go there" which has the letters: MShH [Moses, in Hebrew 'Mosheh'], since Moses will reincarnate with them.

This is the secret why in that generation every Torah scholar will be dominated by his wife. They are from the generation of the desert, and the wives did not give their earrings for the [golden] calf while the men did and sinned. (Shmuel says: We wrote about this earlier.)

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]