"In the Beginning": Bereishit. Rabbi Shimon opened [the discussion with the verse:] "And I have put My words in thy mouth," (Isaiah 51:16) how very important it is for a person to study the Torah laboriously day and night for G‑d listens carefully to the voices of those who concern themselves with Torah study. And every word that receives a new interpretation by a person who delves into the study of the Torah creates a new heaven above.

We have already learned that at the moment when a new verse or a new way of understanding is given over by any person, that phrase ascends and is assembled in front of G‑d. And G‑d receives this new phrase and accepts it and kisses it, adorning it with 70 graven and inscribed crowns. And this new verse of Wisdom [that has been revealed] is then set upon the head of the eternal righteous one. Then it flies off and waaders through 70,000 worlds until it reaches Atik-Yomin. And all the words of Atik-Yomin are verses of Wisdom comprising sublime and hidden mysteries.

When this [previously hidden] item of Wisdom is revealed here, as it ascends it joins the items of Atik-Yomin and goes up and down together with them. Then it enters 18 hidden worlds that "neither has the eye seen, Elokim, besides you." (Isaiah 64:4) Afterward, they leave there to float around before they are presented in full completion to Atik-Yomin. At this stage, Atik-Yomin smells this item and He finds it most desirable - He then takes it and crowns it with 370,000 crowns [the 300 stand for the first three Sefirot, and the 70 for the lower 7].

BeRahamim LeHayyim : What do the Ari and the Chida want us to learn?

This is the first selection of the Hok, the first step on a year of Zohar learning. These are the ground rules, and a guide to further our conscientious study. Awesome. That one's novel insight can rise to the highest of the heights.

Any new thought or concept that is consistent with Torah is a seed, the letter yud, the tiny point, the verse of wisdom. Give birth to it, nurture it, raise it as your first born. When mature, bring it out of your home and share it with the world.

What does the above Zohar mean for YOU?! Why are you reading this now?

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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