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Other Purims

The Jewish calendar contains other "Purims"--days of celebration that, like the original Purim, commemorate the salvation of Jews from their enemies. Many a Jewish community boasted such a "Purim" on its communal calendar.

Purim of the Curtains
You probably think I am joking, and the relationship between Purim and curtains goes no further than a Purim joke. Read this great story for a true story of Purim of the Curtains . . .
Purim Hebron
A new pasha came into power as ruler over Hebron, and he was a Jew-hater. He lost no time in introducing new edicts against the Jewish community . . .
Purim Fossano
The spring of 1796 was a time of unrest and war. France was in the throes of its revolution, and Italy was the scene of battle between French and Austrian armies...
Purim Yemen
The young prince was as wise as he was handsome. When he rode on his white Arab steed, he looked lovelier than any Arab prince in the world…
Purim Vincent
Vincent Fettmilch rose to his feet and arrogantly informed the city council that he and the baker's guild would not take part in the coronation until their demands were satisfied. The council meeting was thrown into an uproar...
Purim Saragossa
Suddenly an old, gray-bearded, stately man appeared before him, saying: "Arise! Waste no time. Hurry to the synagogue and quickly put the Sifrei Torah inside their cases. But say not a word to anyone!"
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