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The Rebbe on Purim

Watch these videos and fill your home with Purim joy and inspiration

Talks by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on different themes of the Purim holiday.

When G-d Is Hidden
A deeper look at the heroine of the Purim story, whose very name means “hidden” in Hebrew.
What Can King Achashverosh Teach You?
Why does the Megillah describe the extravagance of Achashveirosh’s feast in such great detail, which is irrelevant to the miracles or themes of Purim?
Victory in Our Times
An address to children: Thousands of years ago there lived the wicked Haman, who wanted to do bad to the Jewish People. But they were not afraid, and they remained loyal to Judaism, to Mordechai and Esther, and to their teachers who showed them how a Jew should live his daily life. What connection does Haman have to a Jewish child today?
Video | 6:25
Farbrengen, Purim, 5732 • February 29, 1972
Haman, bitter enemy of the Jews, said of their misdeeds, “the Jewish nation is slumbering.” Even their worst enemy perceived that a Jew’s heart is inseparable from G-d. The Jew is merely asleep sometimes, and his heart’s true desire cannot be expressed through our sleeping body.
Stop Living in the Past
The Baal Shem Tov explains the Talmudic statement, “One who reads the Megilah backwards, does not fulfill his obligation.” He interprets “backwards” to mean that one can read the Megilah following all the laws, with all the proper intentions, but at the same time, he might think “This is ‘backwards,’ it’s irrelevant.
Esther, Model for Jewish Women
Why the Megillah is named only after Esther
Mordechai and Esther are the heroes of Purim, yet the Megillah is named only after Esther. And the initiative that the Megillah be included among the books of the Bible came specifically from Esther. Why is Esther given the spotlight, when her success depended on Mordechai’s plan?
The Night the King Woke Up…
Purim, 5732 · February 29, 1972
"On that night the king's sleep was disturbed…" Taken literally this verse refers to King Achashverosh. But the Midrash explains a deeper dimension: "The sleep of the King of the universe was disturbed" - G-d Himself "woke up."
Torah Light
Video | 5:31
Torah Light
14 Adar, 5732 · February 29, 1972
At Sinai, the Jews so desired to serve G-d, that they accepted the Written Torah before they had even heard it. But when it came to the complexities of the Oral Torah, their joy was halfhearted. Not until the miracle of Purim did all the Jews wholeheartedly accept the Oral Torah.
Purim with the Rebbe: A Unique Presentation
This special presentation highlights scenes of Purim farbrengens with the Rebbe throughout the years.
The Power of Children
Purim, 5743 · February 27, 1983
Mordechai gathered thousands of Jewish children to study Torah and pray to G-d to save the Jews from annihilation. Only when the innocent voices of the children ascended On High, did the Almighty annul the decree and replace it with the opposite — boundless joy.
Who Should Teach the Children?
Part 1: Purim, 5732 · February 29, 1972
The Midrash relates that when Mordechai learned of Haman’s wicked plot, he immediately gathered 22,000 Jewish children to study Torah with them. This caused a commotion on High, eliciting Divine mercy.
A Jew is a Jew
Video | 8:40
A Jew is a Jew
There are some who believe that by hiding their Jewishness they will be protected from anti-Semitism. The Megillah teaches us a lesson: When Haman persuaded King Achashverosh to issue the decree against the Jewish people, he argued that...
Why Purim Has a Persian Name
The names of the Jewish festivals and other dates on the Jewish calendar are all in Hebrew, the Holy Tongue. There is, however, one exception: The festival of Purim.
Be Your True Self
Video | 7:31
Be Your True Self
The Megillah recounts how Haman’s evil decree was reversed. Here is how it happened.
The Silly Bird and the Wily Fox: Two Purim Parables
The Midrash gives a parable for the story of Haman’s plot against the Jews...
Dare to Be Different
The Book of Esther relates that when King Achashverosh made a great feast, he provided every guest with whatever food and drink they desired.
What Makes Purim Unique
What makes Purim unique from all other Jewish holidays?
Free to Serve
Video | 7:42
Free to Serve
Purim, 5740 • March 2, 1980
In modern times, G-d has blessed the Jewish People, and the majority of Jews live in countries where they are not persecuted or segregated. But with this comes a new challenge
Purim Farbrengen 5732 (1972)
Experience a Purim Gathering with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory
An hour-long excerpt from a 1972 recording of the Rebbe’s Purim farbrengen. The Rebbe tackles the enigmatic essence of the Purim story, and explains the real and primary miracle the Sages say we are celebrating. Drawing life lessons from how in those dark times, a generation of assimilating Jews were found worthy in G-d’s eyes.
Purim Farbrengen 5733 (1973)
Experience a Purim Gathering with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of Righteous Memory
An hour-long excerpt of an original archival recording of the Rebbe's farbrengen (gathering) on Purim 1973.
Two Days of Purim
Video | 6:21
Two Days of Purim
When king Achashverosh gave permission to the Jews fight off their enemies, he allowed an extra day for those in Shushan. The day after Purim, called Shushan Purim, is celebrated to mark this special phenomenon. In a sense this is more than just an historical commemoration; it celebrates the ability in general, to add to good in a meaningful way.
Children of Redemption
The festival of Purim has a special connection to young children.
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