For those of you who don’t know twitter…

@ = directed at someone specific.

# = “file under.”

AchashveiroshAdvisor1: @JewsofShushan PARTY AT THE PALACE!

KingAchash: @AllAdvisors Bring Vashti ASAP #ShowOffTheWife

QueenVashti: @Advisor2 I ain’t goin’ nowhere…

KingAchash: Time for a new wife!

AchashveiroshAdvisor1: @WomenofShushan All the single ladies must come to the palace #UglyNotIncluded

HadassahEsther: I’m not going.

Royal Guards: @HadassahEsther You must come with us.

Heigai: @WomenofShushan Makeup counter is to your left.

KingAchash: Picked my new wife! #Esther

HadassahEsther: : (

MordiJew: @HadassahEsther I am sitting by the gate #WatchingYou

Bigsan&Seresh: Guess what we’re up to!?

MordiJew: @HadassahEsther Bigsan and Seresh out to kill your hubby

HadassahEsther: @MordiJew Will let him know, thanks.

KingAchash: Mordechai saved my life #Chronicles

KingAchash: @Haman You’re gonna be my right-hand man

Haman: @KingAchash Sweet! Everyone is going to have to bow to me now #Power

MordiJew: @Haman Not gonna bow #JewsDon’tDoThat

Haman: Problem solved #GetRidofJews

Haman: @KingAchash Those Jews are awful. Can I kill them?

KingAchash: @Haman Sure, why not.

AchashveiroshAdvisor: 13th day of Adar- Jews are going down!

MordiJew: Oy! #JewsNeedToFast

HadassahEsther: @MordiJew OMG!

MordiJew: @ HadassahEsther Esther, talk to the king!

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash @Haman Please come over for a dinner party

KingAchash: @ HadassahEsther Sure

Haman: @ HadassahEsther Free food, I’m there!

KingAchash: Dinner with the wife and right-hand man #Awesome

KingAchash: @HadassahEsther What can I do for you, Esther?

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash Come over tomorrow with @Haman for another dinner party

Haman: Saw Mordechai today, he still wouldn’t bow! #BuildingaGallow

KingAchash: I can’t sleep

KingAchash: @Advisor2 Read me my chronicles

Advisor2: @KingAchash I opened the book. Remember the time Mordechai saved your life?

KingAchash: @Advisor2 Yes, what did he get?

Advisor2: @KingAchash Nothing, Sir.

KingAchash: @Haman Tell me, what shall be done for a man the king wishes to honor?

Haman: The king must be talking about me #Awesome

Haman: @KingAchash Let him wear the king's royal robes and a crown. Let him ride the king's royal horse.

Haman: @KingAchash Oh! And let a servant walk before the horse and say “this shall be done to the man whom the king wishes to honor!” That would be cool…

KingAchash: @Haman Nice! Find Mordechai the Jew and do what you said #NiceGuysGetRewarded

Haman: Horrible day! At least I get another free dinner tonight #DinnerAtThePalace

KingAchash: @ HadassahEsther Great dinner, now what can I do for you?

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash Please spare my life and the life of my people!

KingAchash: @ HadassahEsther Who would do such a thing!?

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash Your wicked advisor @Haman!

KingAchash: Hanged Haman today. #EvilGuysAlwaysGetFoiled

@JewsAroundTheWorld Don’t forget to fulfill the mitzvot of Purim! Listen to the Megillah, have a Purim meal, send gifts of food (mishloach manot), and give gifts to the poor.