A royal party like you've never seen
But Vashti refuses to be the dancing queen
A drunken king orders her killed
Leaving a position to be filled

The great beauty pageant begins
And a nice Jewish girl wins
While the Jewish community kvelled
Her religious identity, Esther withheld

Meanwhile Mordechai is the talk of the town
To Haman, the wicked, he won’t bow down
Too bad Haman has a short fuse
And decides to kill all of the Jews

Esther is asked to intercede with the king
But who knows what that could bring?
What mood will he be in when she arrives?
This guy has no qualms about killing his wives

So the Jews fast and pray
And Esther prepares a royal buffet
Mordechai is hopeful and is not scared
As Haman is having his gallows prepared

A reversal of fortunes, a twist of fate
Leaves Haman a bit irate
G‑d’s plan is put into gear
Haman’s end is very near

Eshter proves to be a queen
Of great spirit and grace
And Haman is hanged in Mordechai’s place

The king turns over a new leaf
Mordechai’s the new chief
The Jews are empowered to fight for their lives
Justice triumphs and Judaism survives

The thirteenth day of Adar comes
And the Persian army succumbs
Gone was the threat of annihilation
Purim became a day of celebration

So grab a Megillah and some Tequilla
Let the spirit of the day be your guide
There’s no greater high than Jewish pride