Why must the mishloach manot be comprised of two foods, each with a separate blessing, like a cluster of grapes and a cookie? Why can't I just send two items with the same blessing?


I am so happy that you brought this up. You see, for whatever reason, there is a widespread misconception out there that one is obligated to send his fellow two types of food upon which separate blessings are recited.

However, this is not true. The Halacha is that one must send two food portions, but they can be of the same blessing. In fact, the example given in the Code of Jewish Law is "two portions of meat." Now, the blessing on all meat is Shehakol, so there is surely no requirement for the two food items to be of different blessings.

While we are on the subject, here is an article where you can read some more laws of mishloach manot.

Happy Purim!

Rabbi Menachem Posner