You are sitting at your Passover Holiday table, perhaps surrounded by family and friends, perhaps just you and your lonesome. It's easy to fall into thoughts of all the troubles of today's world.

But those thoughts don't fix anything. Neither does speaking about them accomplish much. Except to get us more down.

But here's a thought that can accomplish a lot. A thought that can pick you up, and even has the power to pick up the whole world—since, as the Chassidic masters explain, you hold the balance of the entire world within your heart.

Like Kohelet wrote, "G‑d even put the world in each of their hearts."

So imagine a world yet to come. Visualize it. Put yourself inside it. Breathe it in. Then prepare to watch it unfold in reality.

This world yet to come is not a quiet world. It's a very busy world. But it is a harmonious world.

Because it is a world that reflects its Creator in every way. And the best way a creation can express the oneness of its Creator is with beautiful, diverse and busy harmony.

Imagine being an integral part of that harmony. In everything you do, in everything you examine, in everything you engage yourself, you discover a wondrous depth, a deep pleasure and joy that yells out, "Only a Grand Artisan of infinite wisdom, before Whom all possibilities lie open and nothing is impossible could have made such a world!"

The gentle warmth of the morning sun. The rustle of leaves in the wind. The droplets of rain that caress your cheek. The throbbing of your own heart.

Each experience of life makes you want to sing. Each new discovery of wonder makes you want to dance—with friends, with strangers, with any creature that can breathe.

Where there is harmony, there is peace.

Not the sort of peace where everything is still and silent. Not a steady rhythm or an endless pattern. But a harmony that takes you ever deeper and yet deeper in discovery, to higher and yet more sublime pleasure, to wider and yet more expansive consciousness.

You close your eyes at night in astonishment at the wisdom you have gained that day. And you open them at dawn to greet a whole new world you have never known before.

Every day, a new wonder, every moment, a new unfolding of beauty. In every tree, in every cloud, in every blade of grass. In every encounter, in every activity, in every accomplishment.

Is it a life of self-discovery? Of course. But more than that. It is a life of self-transcendence.

At each point that you discover yourself, you say, "But I am not that. I am much more than that, way beyond!"

And then you find yourself discovering a whole new level of your own being.

It is a life of discovering others. Because that is the greatest discovery of a human being in this world—that there are others who see an entirely different world, with different colors, different sounds, different dimensions.

And it is such a pleasure to jump out of yourself and see the world as they do. And then to come back and appreciate so much more the world that was chosen for you alone.

It is a world where no one would imagine hurting another creature. Where no one would imagine damaging the fine-tuning of their environment, but only to improve upon it, perfecting this divine garden each day, pruning it, culturing it, fostering its beauty, unfolding its latent potentials, bringing it to a whole new level again and again.

A world where two meet and discover new harmonies, many come together and discover new forms of beauty, the whole world joins together in the act of the discovery of G‑d, an endless knowledge, forever thrilling and pleasurable.

A crowd is approaching, young people, old people, wise people, simple people, singing together in joy, a voice that shakes the heavens above your head and resonates within the earth at your feet.

You are swept in amongst them. Together, you all rise up to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Your bare feet tread upon the marble floor. Your ears are graced with the sound of trumpets and song of the Levites. Your nostrils breathe in the sweet aroma of the Temple incense.

Your eyes behold that which is beyond space and time, that which no thought can grasp, and no imagination can replicate. You behold the divine.

All sense of self vanishes in the ecstasy of being there. Just being there.

There. A tiny droplet of a taste of the world to come.

Now go start living it. What is stopping you?