The default answer is no, cookies are not kosher for Passover. This is because the vast majority of cookie recipes call for grain (wheat) flour and liquid, such as water. The second flour comes into contact with water, it is only a matter of time before fermentation begins.

And on Passover, we may not eat any food that contains fermented grain from wheat, barely, spelt, rye or oats. Known as chametz, this designation includes your favorite cookies, even if they have been rolled flat and no leavening is visible.

If you see a cookie in the store and it is not clearly marked kosher for Passover, you can rest assured that it is indeed not kosher for Passover.

However, it is entirely possible to make cookies that are kosher for Passover.

The classic example would be macaroons, which use shredded coconut and are free of any sort of flour. Another Passover favorite is ladyfingers, which look and feel like biscotti, but are made with potato starch. You can purchase kosher-for-Passover ladyfingers and macaroons in many grocery stores or make your own (in your kosher for Passover kitchen).

But there are many other kinds as well. On, you can find recipes for Passover chocolate crinkle cookies, chocolate chip cookies, almond cookies, and more!

So while ordinary cookies are not kosher for Passover, it is very possible to bake or purchase some that are.