I have been told that since I have not used my chametz pots and pans for over four years, that I may use them for Passover. Is this correct?

Please respond ASAP, since I'm really in a time bind—as is probably everyone else this time of the year...


I hope this answer gets to you in time!

You are indeed correct that there is a concept of utensils which have not been used for over a year having lost all traces of their original taste, and therefore not requiring koshering. However this loophole — which is not accepted by all halachic authorities — is only relied upon under pressing circumstances such as expensive china which cannot be koshered, and would otherwise need to be thrown away. And even in such an instance, the utensils need to undergo a perfunctory koshering.1

In a case of normal chametz dishes, however, the dishes must be koshered, no matter how long they've been sitting unused in the closet.

Click here for a link to lots of great info on how to kosher your utensils.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and kosher Passover!

Yours truly,

Rabbi Menachem Posner