I've just been invited to attend my first seder ever. I am so excited and want to do the right things. What should I bring as a gift?

Can I bake chocolate chip cookies (no yeast in them)? Or would fruit be better?


Thanks for writing, I'm sure your hosts will appreciate your sensitivity.

On Passover we not only refrain from using yeast, but we also don't use anything which contains flour, with the exception of certified Kosher for Passover matzah. Furthermore, anything we consume on Passover has to be prepared in dishes and utensils that have not been used for leavened foods (unless they have been rendered kosher for Passover use). Your best bet is to send a tray of fresh whole fruit. Other good options include a bouquet of flowers, or a Passover recipe book. I'm sure the gift will be much appreciated.

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Best wishes,

Chani Benjaminson