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The Exodus

Then and Now

We reenact the Exodus from Egypt every year during the Passover Seder. How do we draw upon 3300 year old lessons to gain liberty in the 21st century?

Passover or Pass-over
G-d "passed over" the Jewish homes and spared the first born Israelites from the fate of their Egyptian counterparts. There was no physical passing over. Why then, does the Torah describe it as such. And why do we highlight the "Passing-Over" phenomenon, by referring to the Holiday as "Passover".
The Geometry of Freedom
The problem with most revolutions is that they are true revolutions -- revolve a full 360 degrees and the same ingrained patterns reassert themselves...
A Youthful Holiday
While the importance of transmitting the message of Passover to our children is self-understood, why is Passover's message deemed more important for the children than the messages carried by other festivals?
Fix the World
At the Passover Seder, it is important to convey an accurate rendition of the lesson of the Exodus. Moses' immortal clarion call, "Let my people go," has a lesser-known postscript—"That they may serve Me."
An exact moment of midnight doesn't exist. Any moment of time belongs either to the first or second half of the night. There is no moment that exists in between the two...
Leaving Egypt for Good
The Inner Power of Passover
From that moment, there was no longer any force in the world powerful enough to keep a Jew from connecting with G‑d. No force in the world. But inside the Jew—that's a different story...
The Egg in Exodus
Until Sinai, we were all dressed up with nowhere to go. On Passover we emerged from the confines of Egypt like the egg that drops out of the hen. But only at Sinai were we hatched and born properly . . .
Finding Freedom
Religion, they arugue, stifles the imagination, stunts our creative style, forever shouts instructions and lays down the law. Why would someone want to submit to the rigors of religion when he can be a free spirit?
Endowed By Their Creator...
In these four words lies the difference between the American Revolution, which made the country the beacon of freedom and liberty until this very day, and other revolutions crying the same cry of "all men are created equal," which did not last.
Egypt and the 21st Century
Make use of your mental Photoshop program and insert yourself into the picture. You will be experiencing the drama along with the others; you will try to feel their pain and plight. Ready?
Passover-Land: Where Dreams Come True
Does Passover have a bipolar disorder?
If I was to psychoanalyze the Passover Seder, I’d diagnose it as bipolar.
When Does the Passover Story End?
Our retelling of the Exodus on Passover ends when we close the Haggadah text. But when did the story really end?
Three Steps to Freedom
A Belt, Shoe and Stick
"Getting out of Egypt" means I become consciously aware and free myself of these limitations, living the infinite life I'm capable of. The seder is a template for getting out. That means we must continuously re-enact it not only in each generation, but each day we have the blessing to be here on planet earth...
Who Can Say,
Drawing a very contemporary lesson from the ancient rituals that surrounded the paschal lamb of old.
A 21st Century Exodus
What Passover Can Tell Us About Inclusion
Our lives are constricted and defined by many limitations. But our truest humanity is expressed by moving beyond these limitations, and actualizing our core identity, our soul.
If the objective was simply to free us from Egyptian bondage, wouldn’t we be just as free had He sent angels to free us?
What My Son's Battle With Leukemia Taught Me About Passover
Doctors, nurses, appointments, chemotherapies, medications that I never thought I could pronounce entered my life.
G-d was personally involved in freeing the Jewish people from Egypt
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