The korech is a sandwich including a kezayis from the third matzah and a kezayis of maror. It must also be eaten bichedei achilas p’ras. In this instance as well, one may rely on the more lenient opinions that consider a kezayis to be ¾ of an ounce and kedai achilas p’ras to be six or seven minutes.

The chazeres alone is dipped into the charoses, but not the matzah. The prevailing Lubavitch custom is not to dip the chazeres in the charoses, but to put some dry charoses on the chazeres, and then to shake it off. The sandwich should be eaten while reclining.

Before partaking of the sandwich, the following passage is recited:

כן When the Beis HaMikdash was standing, Hillel would do as follows: He would combine the Paschal sacrifice, matzah, and maror in a sandwich and eat them together, in order to fulfill the instruction:1 “They shall eat it with matzos and bitter herbs.”

They shall eat it with matzos and bitter herbs

Eating matzah brings one to an awareness of G‑d. At times, however, this is possible only when the matzah is coupled with maror — contrite bitterness at one’s distance from Him. This bitterness will arouse G‑d’s mercies and encourage His assistance in a person’s struggle to become conscious of Him (the Rebbe Rashab).2