The prohibition against possessing chametz on Pesach applies only to chametz which is owned by a Jew. It is permitted to have chametz owned by a gentile in one’s home provided it is kept in a closed place which is set aside for that purpose. Based on this principle, one may sell any chametz which one desires to keep to a gentile and purchase it back after the holiday. Because of the intricacies involved in making such a sale, it has become customary for the Rabbis of the community to act as agents and sell the chametz on behalf of those who desire to do so.

It is proper to go to a competent Torah authority and arrange for the sale of chametz in person, before the morning of the 14th of Nissan. If that is not possible, the form that follows can be copied and mailed or faxed to such an authority, provided it will reach him before the conclusion of the fifth hour of the fourteenth of Nissan.

Certificate Authorizing the Sale of Chometz

I (We)* _______________________ hereby authorize
Rabbi __________________________ to dispose of all chometz that may be in my (our) possession wherever it may be — at home, at my (our) place of business, or elsewhere — in accordance with the requirements of Jewish Law as incorporated in the special contract for the sale of chometz.

Residence Address _________________________ Apt. No. _______

City/State/Zip __________________________________

Business Address ________________________ Suite No. _______

City/State/Zip __________________________________

Signature ____________________________ Date ____________

*Husband and Wife, specify names. Must be signed by head of household and preferably by all parties.