Traditional handmade shmurah matzah is recommended for seder use. Include handmade Shmurah Matzah at your seder table and share this sacred tradition with your friends and family.

Handmade shmura matzah is available in many Jewish supermarkets, and are often available for purchase at synagogues and Chabad centers around the world.

Where can I order Shmurah Matzah online?

There are various options. Due to major disruptions in the shipping industry caused by coronavirus, you might need to look around, but from reports there seem to be shmurah matzah in stock in many stores.

Here are some ideas:

1. Check with your local Chabad center. Many Chabad centers have shmurah matzah available or may be able to guide you on what options might be available locally. Click here to locate and contact your local Chabad center.

2. Local Kosher supermarkets: If you have a Kosher grocery store in your area, most likely they carry shmurah matzah, as well. They might offer home delivery, too—be sure to ask!

3. Major retailers: In many locations around the United States, large retailers such as Costco, BJs and others carry shmurah matzah. You might even be able to use Instacart to make an order and get home delivery.

4. Amazon currently has a limited availability of shmurah matzah with delivery before Passover (April 8th). Click here to search on