The Book of Our Heritage
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First published in Hebrew under the name Sefer HaToda'a (literally, "The Book of Knowledge/Awareness") in 1963, Rabbi Eliyahu KiTov's Book of Our Heritage, became an instant classic. In the forty years since, it has become a favorite and indispensable resource for students and educators, for novices and scholars alike, and a "must have" for every Jewish library.

The Book of the Heritage follows the annual cycle of the Jewish calendar, devoting a section to each of its twelve months, and the festivals and special days it contains. It summarizes the laws and customs, then delves into their history, the reasons and meanings behind the observances, as well as their mystical underpinnings.

The following pages contain excerpts from the English edition published by Feldheim, translated by Rabbi Nathan Bulman and edited by Dovid Landesman.

Excerpts from the Book of Our Heritage