Passover is a time to receive the Divine energy and blessing from above.

If we are in Egypt, we now look to G‑d for His assistance to release us. For one who is bound cannot release himself. (If he could it would make a marvelously entertaining act.)

So we must become a vessel for this Divine blessing. The trick to being a vessel is to remember that your purpose is to contain. If a barrel feels that it must give forth we call this a leak. If the container is able to keep this straight it is a blessing for the liquid and a blessing for the barrel.

Practically speaking, the time of receiving the Divine expression (blessing), is not the time for self expression. After receiving the blessing, we may and must grow. But while we are receiving we must be still and intent upon the blessing.

Chametz is the rising of the dough. It is not the real substance, rather the self expression. Which is heavier, a pound of bread or a pound of Matzah? The pound of bread takes up more space, but it is merely the presence of air. This is the person’s ego. During Passover not only are we not to ingest this substance, but we are to thoroughly eradicate it. It may not be found in our domain nor are we to posses it.

Chametz is a general term for all food and drink made from wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt or their derivatives, which is forbidden on Passover because it is leavened. Even a food that contains only a trace of Chametz is prohibited and must be removed from our homes. Note: Matzah used all year round is not for Passover use. Only Matzot baked especially for Passover may be used on Passover.

The concrete manifestations of this concept are the Mitzvot connected to getting rid of Chametz. They include cleaning and searching the entire house, nullifying the Chametz in our heart, and burning it the day before Passover.

According to the Kabalistic understanding everything in the physical world is a reflection of a spiritual element. Conversely, the physical realm has an impact on what occurs, and what spiritual energy is produced in the spiritual realm.

Each Mitzvah is the concrete, actual form of the spiritual concept. This is the reason that Mitzvot must have a physical component. Without it, the spiritual level is left void and meaningless. In other words, the physical realm is the generator of Divine energy.

So, Chametz does not merely teach us a lesson about self expression and ego. It is a real entity that prevents the Divine blessing from being realized. The purpose of the Mitzvah of getting rid of Chametz is to allow us to take full advantage of the blessings that Passover bestows.