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The Matzah

What's Matzah all about? When during the Seder do we eat it, and how much to eat each time?

You’ve got friends. You’ve got business partners. You’ve got family who need this gift of healing and faith in their lives.
What Is Matzah (Matzo)?
In contrast to leavened bread, matzah is not enriched with oil, honey or other substances. It consists only of flour and water, and is not allowed to rise.
Shmurah Matzah
Shmurah means “watched,” and it is an apt description of this matzah, the ingredients of which (the flour and water) are watched from the moment of harvesting and drawing.
Order Matzah Online
Traditional shmurah matzah for your Passover table
The Rolls-Royce of matzah is the traditional handmade variety, recommended for Seder use. Order your matzah today! Spelt and whole wheat matzah available too.
Many communities, chassidic ones in particular, have the custom to refrain from eating “gebrokts”—matzah that came in contact with water after it was fully baked—on the first seven days of Passover . . .
Matzo or Matzah?
On the modern spelling of an ancient food
The original Hebrew word is pronounced as “matzoh” among Ashkenazi Jews and “matzah” by Sepharadic Jews (as well as speakers of Modern Hebrew).
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