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Seder Preparations

Like any successful multi-media event, the seder relies on both solid preparations and a spirited delivery. We figured, if we provide you with the basics you'd come up with the spirit...

The Wine
The Royal Beverage
What kind of wine? How much? And when is it imbibed?
What Is Maror?
All About the Bitter Herbs
Do you wonder why we are eating this stuff? You’re on to something. During the Passover Seder, we ask that very question.
How to Make a Wild, Wonderful & BIG Seder
If you do this right, they won’t regret it—no matter what time they show up. Because you are going to provide something they don’t even know is possible. Because I’m going to show you how, here, right now.
Passover Food and Menu
Seder Shopping List
A list of the items you'll need in order to make your own seder.
How to Plan and Host a Welcoming Seder
Maximize your serving, seating, singing, and speeches to make sure that everyone is included and comfortable.
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