Is there any type of pasta that may be eaten on the holiday of Passover?


On Passover we do not eat any leavened food, chametz. This includes most foods made with flour grains, unless baked under certain conditions and guidelines. The matzah (a thin, cracker-like flatbread) that we eat on Passover is baked under controlled conditions that do not permit the thin bread to become leavened.

The pasta we eat year round is made from wheat flour and is not baked under those conditions. For this reason we do not eat it on Passover. Likewise we do not eat pasta, and other products, made from barley, rye, oats, spelt or their derivatives.

But, there is pasta available that may be eaten on Passover. The pasta is made from potato flour and has a “Kosher for Passover” certification on the package. This means that the pasta is kosher to eat and also tells us that it was processed under strict conditions to prevent it from coming into contact with any leavening from flour of the five grains mentioned.

In recent years the Kosher for Passover market has exploded and you can find anything from pizza to cereal to cake mixes in the Kosher for Passover supermarket aisle.

On the other hand, many families observe the custom of going back to the basics on Passover, refraining from using prepared products. The reason for the custom is to be extra careful not to consume any leavened foods. Eating homemade food is the best way to ensure that.

Personally I enjoy getting creative with vegetables and fruits, seeing the healthy and delicious food I can create for my family and guests without any prepared products.

Please see our section on leavened bread “chametz” and our delicious Passover recipes.

Best wishes for a Kosher and happy Passover,

Chani Benjaminson
For the Judaism Website