What We Do

It’s late now. Adults are falling asleep. Kids are having a great time taking advantage of that. But it’s not over. There’s songs and wine and Elijah the Prophet is on his way…

Pour the third cup of wine. All the way to the tip, just like the other ones.

Say the Grace After Meals as printed in your Haggadah.

Say a blessing on the wine and drink it down, reclining on your left side.

What It Means

The theme of grace after meals is confidence. Confidence in a Higher Force that is with us in our daily lives. With that confidence you don’t just see food before you. You see a river of life travelling from Above onto your plate.

When we say this out loud, with joy and sincerity, we initiate a reciprocal current. The energy we receive is bounced back with even greater force, replenishing all the higher worlds and ethereal beings through which it passed on its way here. The channels of life are widened and their currents grow strong.

Miracles happen when Divine energy from beyond the cosmos enters within. Why did miracles happen in Egypt? Because we believed they would. Those who didn’t believe in miracles saw only plagues. To see a miracle, you need an open heart and mind, open enough to receive the Infinite. That is the opening we make when we thank G‑d for the miracle of our food.

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