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Parshah Columnists

Guest Columnists
Achieving Your Best
Why should the first oil of the third pressing have priority for the kindling of the menorah over the second oil of the first pressing?
Weekly Sermonette
Self-Made Man?
Sure, we can erect a structure. That's the easy part. The question is: will G-d see fit to live there?
A Thought for the Week
The Great Voice
Why was G‑d’s voice confined to the Sanctuary?
The Freeman Files
Infinity in Disguise
Perhaps it’s one of those forbidden questions. Perhaps it just breaks too many assumptions. But we’ll ask it anyway: Have the properties of light changed over the centuries? Has the power of gravity weakened with time? Has matter become less material? When you turn it over a few times and rub it between your fingers, everything in our world turns out to contain something of the infinite . . .
Weekly Torah
Individual Talents
Hearing Voices
Much as we might want it to be otherwise, G‑d’s voice cannot resound everywhere and at all times.
Creating Flames
Life's Passages
How to Light up Another…
Dina is sixteen years old, and it seems like everyone in her life is always trying to change her.
For Friday Night
Lessons from the Menorah
"There are seventy facets of the Torah" say the Talmud. Here are three perspectives on the Menorah in the Holy Temple
Through the Eyes of a Woman
Seven Branches, Seven Truths
A lesson from the seven-branched menorah: You don’t have to be a carbon copy of somebody else to be a good Jew. The critical issue is, are you kindled?
Parshah Musings
As anyone who has ever battled a coal barbeque or labored to start a campfire without fire-starters or kerosene would attest, there is more to kindling than just holding a match to the fuel
Parshah Moment
How to Make Great Kids
I am now raising my grandchildren's parents
Inner Stream
The Silent Flame
Ironically, the smaller the splash, the higher the rating that the diver receives
Short Stop
Both parents offered the same advice, with the same degree of sincerity. But as the years went by, there was a change: the first child heard exhaustion in their voices, while the second child heard restraint
A Long Pole
By law, the menorah stood in a chamber into which only kohanim (priests) were permitted entry. But the law also states that an ordinary person may light the menorah. What is the point—and lesson—of this legal paradox?
The Vertical Life
We "raise" our children, "climb" the ladders of our careers, "rise" to life's occasions, think "highly" of people we admire, "aspire" to high ideals, regard "heaven" as representative of all that is good and "lofty". Why all this uppity talk?
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The Lamplighter
“The flame is not yours,” said the Rebbe, “you are just its carrier. The lamp is ready to be lit—you need only touch it with the flame.” “Should I grab him by the throat?” asked the chassid. “By the throat, no,” replied the rebbe. “By the lapels, yes.”
Light: an Anthology
The path of light, sunglasses of the soul, the Lamplighter, the discovery of darkness, the inexistence of the universe, the spiritual significance of the rainbow -- 26 stories, essays and meditations on light and luminescence
Beyond Speech
Making Vessels Is The Main Thing
What connects this week's haftarah to Chanukah?
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