The Maccabees had done all that was physically possible, but the jar of oil was only enough to purify the Temple and relight the menorah for one day. To prepare more oil would require a process of at least seven days. After just defeating the world's most powerful army and gaining religious freedom for generations to come, the great Maccabees were not about to let a little oil get the better of them. Miraculously, the single jar burned for eight days and 2000 years, as Chanukah continues to illuminate our home and world.


The last night of the holiday is called, Zot Chanukah ("this is Chanukah"). Our sages say that, zot is a state where the object is revealed to the degree it can be pointed at with a finger. Most would acknowledge the miraculous nature of the Maccabee victory. However, a person could say that there have been other fights for independence, and attribute military success to superior strategy. When the nation witnessed a scientific impossibility, there was no denying G‑d's hand in human affairs.

Without miracles, we might come to believe that the laws of physics define the underlying reality. Once we see the inexplicable, we witness that there is a transcendent reality. We attain a higher consciousness. And then we look back at physics and say, "This too is a miracle."

Coincidences are miracles in which G‑d prefers to remain anonymous. They happen every day. We need only to open our eyes and hearts to notice them.