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Chanukah Texts and Prayers

Be Thankful for the Hanukkah Miracles

The various prayers, hymns and texts associated with Chanukah (Hanukkah).

Prayers & Blessings Overview
A rundown of the Chanukah prayers, blessings, hymns, and Torah readings.
V'al Hanissim
V'al Hanissim, a small section inserted into the Chanukah prayers and Grace after Meals, in Hebrew and English.
Hanerot Halalu
Audio | 7:04
Hanerot Halalu
Traditional prayer, sung after the lighting of the menorah.
Maoz Tzur
Audio | 1:40
Maoz Tzur
Traditional Chanukah song of Maoz Tzur with translation and lyrics.
Menorah Blessings
The prayers said before kindling the menorah, including audio, translation and transliteration.
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