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Chanukah Texts and Prayers

Be Thankful for the Hanukkah Miracles

The various prayers, hymns and texts associated with Chanukah (Hanukkah).

Prayers & Blessings Overview
A rundown of the Chanukah prayers, blessings, hymns, and Torah readings.
Blessings on the Menorah
The blessings on the kindling of the menorah including audio, translation and transliteration.
V'al Hanissim
V'al Hanissim, a small section inserted into the Chanukah prayers and Grace after Meals, in Hebrew and English.
Haneirot Halalu
Audio | 7:04
Haneirot Halalu
Traditional prayer, sung after the lighting of the menorah.
Maoz Tzur
Audio | 1:40
Maoz Tzur
Traditional Chanukah song of Maoz Tzur with translation and lyrics.
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