By the Grace of G‑d
In the Days of Chanukah, 5733
Brooklyn, N.Y.

To the Students
of Yeshivos and Girls' Schools

G‑d be with you

Greeting and Blessing:

In these auspicious days, may G‑d bless each one of you to have truly illuminated Chanukah days and that they will illuminate also the days of the entire year; and may each one of you be as the well-known motto — 'A beacon of Light," to illuminate your surroundings, especially with the light of the Torah and Mitzvos, "for a Mitzva is a lamp, and the Torah is light,"1 through your diligent study of the Torah and observance of its Mitzvos with Hiddur.

As symbolized by the Lights of Chanukah which are kindled "at sundown, at the entrance of the house outside,"2 and in growing numbers from day to day; to kindle the said lights and increase their glow ever more from day to day, without being discouraged by the sur­rounding "darkness," and to bring your influence also to those who are yet "outside," so that each one of you will justly (and humbly) be able to declare; "I have been like a wonderful example to many, for You3 (O G‑d) are my stronghold."4

Wishing you a bright Chanuka and with blessing for Hatzlocho in all above.

/Signed/ Menachem Schneerson


In accordance with Jewish custom,5 enclosed herewith "Chanukah-Gelt."