Reb Pesachya from Kherson was a chassid of the Rebbe Rashab, the fifth rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch. Once, at a Simchat Torah gathering with the rebbe, Reb Pesachya—having already said l'chaim once or twice—stood up and declared:

"The Rebbe always says that he does not perform miracles—but I have a story to tell!

"One summer, I had a private audience with the Rebbe, and the Rebbe told me the following: 'You work in the forests, and sometimes you even need to spend a few days in a row in the forest. When Chanukah arrives, don't forget to bring candles with you. Just make sure that they are big candles.'

"When Chanukah arrived, I indeed needed to spend a few days in the forest. Recalling the Rebbe's words, I brought some large candles with me.

"While in the forest, thieves came upon me, took all my money and said they were going to kill me. I pleaded with them to spare my life, but they said they could not do so, since I would certainly go to the police, who would then pursue them. They said they had no choice but to kill me.

"My continued pleading went nowhere. I asked them if I could have one final request, and they agreed. It is Chanukah, I said, and our tradition requires us to light candles each night. Out of their 'great compassion,' they permitted me to light my candles.

"As I was lighting the candles, a local landowner passed nearby and saw the light. He had a revolver with him, chased away the robbers and saved me."

Concluding his story, Reb Pesachya said, "Is that not a miracle?!"

The Rebbe Rashab said: “Zogt a niggun!” "Someone start a song!"