Although it commemorates the kindling of the Temple's Menorah which had only seven branches, our Chanukah Menorah has eight lights.

The number 'eight' in this context is not just the digit after 'seven.'

Symbolically, 'seven' is associated with the natural world, created in six days and completed with G‑d's rest on the Seventh, Shabbat.

'Eight,' however, represents the infinite and supernatural, in contrast to the finite and natural.

The seven-lamp Menorah illuminated the natural world, but Chanukah goes even beyond. It is a foretaste and reflection of the era of Moshiach, a higher level that is above and beyond our worldly limitations.

At the end of the long dark night, right before daybreak; we may be tempted to fall asleep. Chanukah gives us the strength to be awake for and aware of the approach of daylight.